Sunday Sangria [à la Brenna et Alex]

Sangria is one of my favorite drinks. For my birthday, B asked me what I wanted to do for dinner and I quickly responded with, “tapas! And sangria!” It was a no-brainer, really. When I lived in NYC a few summers ago, it was a frequent mission to find the best sangria [and tapas] restaurants/bars that we could. [For my fellow sangria lovers who live in NYC, or who find themselves visiting that magic City That Never Sleeps, I recommend a trip to ALTA in the West Village. Their “Non-Classic Sangria” (both red and white) is to. die. for. And deceptively (read: very) strong.]

So last night, we were planning on cooking a light and clean meal (in direct contrast to the many episodes of Walking Dead we watched — post-Game of Thrones, obviously — in our vain attempts to get me up to speed before the season finale…). Before I made our dinner of sautéed chicken breasts in olive oil and garlic, and caramelized, shredded brussels sprouts in brown sugar and olive oil, B and I threw together this beautifully delicious beverage. After lots of tasting and adding, we finalized our ambrosial brew:


  • 1 bottle dry red wine (we used cheap, Costco wine)
  • ¾ c Brandy (I used the cheapest Brandy I could find and I think the final product tastes great. No need to go big when you’re adding all the delicious fruits.)
  • ¼ c Cointreau (turns out B also has a well-stocked bar, in addition to her kitchen…)
  • ~ ¾ – 1 c fresh orange juice (B juiced fresh blueberries, blackberries, and oranges together… Hea-ven-ly.)
  • ½ orange (unpeeled)
  • ¾ lemon (unpeeled)
  • ½ can carbonated water
  • ½ red apple
  • 2 Tbs sugar*
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • ½ c water (B is addicted to plain LaCroix, so we had that on hand)


Pour the red wine, Brandy, and Cointreau into a pitcher or big bowl. Cut up your orange and lemon into thin-ish slices and dice your apple. Throw all that healthy stuff in there.

Pour the water into a mug and microwave it until it’s hot – add your sugar and cinnamon and stir it all up until you get a cinnamon-sugary syrup concoction (the cinnamon won’t dissolve all the way, but that’s okay). Add a few ice cubes to it – to cool it off – and pour it into the mix. Lastly, add your juice and carbonated water.

Stick it in the fridge for 30-minutes-to-an-hour or until perfectly chilled and ready to drink! Serve over ice, in some snazzy glasses, for a perfect summer beverage to share (or not to share…) with your friends! After serving, B topped ours off with some POM juice, which added a perfectly tart little taste. If you find the final product to be a little too strong, just add an extra splash of carbonated water and/or juice.

Drink up, y’all!

* If you prefer sweeter sangria, then you may want to add more sugar. (B and I really liked how the cinnamon-spice flavor coupled with the dry red vino without being too sweet.) On the other hand, if you’re using store-bought OJ, it will have more sugar than the freshly squeezed nectar-of-the-Gods that B whipped up and you may not need any extra. I recommend making it with the 2 Tbs sugar and then adding more simple syrup to taste, if need be.

Imagelook at all those pretty colors!


Image… and it’s just as good the next day, by the pool, while all of your friends are back at law school and you’ve extended your spring break by a few extra days… 😉 #sorryimnotsorry


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