easy vinaigrette + summer salad

My mom and I are finally at the beach for a much needed mother-daughter trip before Bar classes start! We got here around midnight (which was unfortunate for me, seeing as I was the one doing the late-night driving), but we got to wake up to a beautiful day here in Seagrove.
Of course, I brought some groceries from home. But did I bring the most important staple (read: coffee)? Of course not. So this morning I drove, sleepy-eyed to Publix and got our beach necessities: coffee, beer, a rotisserie chicken, salad greens, magazines, sunscreen, cheap champagne, and OJ.
After doing some DEEP cleaning (happy belated Mother’s Day to my mamma), I made us lunch: mixed salad greens topped with rotisserie chicken, avo, strawberries, and homemade vinaigrette. We always have this for lunch when we come down here. I’m not really sure why, but for some reason it just tastes better at the beach than it does at home… weird, I know. Anyhow, I’ve shared my vinaigrette recipe before, but I want to post it again (and not in the pizza context).

easy vinaigrette

Some good olive oil
White wine vinegar
Lemon juice
Brown (or spicy) mustard
~1/4 tsp plain nonfat Greek yogurt
Salt+pepper, to taste

Mix about equal parts vinegar and olive oil, add a good squirt of lemon juice and a good squeeze of mustard. Then add your yogurt and mix well. There you have it! Taste it and see if you prefer more oil or more lemon, etc. and salt+pepper to taste. Sooooo easy. And so good and light! Perfect for the finishing touch on your summer salad (Publix rotisserie chicken not optional. You can thank me later.) Serve with a good baguette (and beer, if you want to know what I had it with today… Vacation requires lunch beer, does it not?) and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Eat up, y’all!




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