a day in the [food] life

So near the top on my To-Blog-About list has been a post that chronicles what I eat for a day. It sounds pretty self-absorbed, I realize, but since I enjoy reading blog posts that give ideas and insight into what other people eat throughout the day, I figured I’d give it a whirl. Plus, I’m just curious about most things, including what people have for lunch (I’m definitely a victim of the “lunch envy” phenomenon – when you’re eating with someone who has something way better than you). The hardest part about cooking or designing a menu for the day/week is deciding what to make, so I’m going to start blogging every once in a while about what I put in my salads, what’s in my fridge, etc.

The funny thing about yesterday is that it was not a typical food day for me – it was way better than normal. So I may be setting the bar insanely high for any of my posts in the future, but y’all just need to see all. of. this.

Breakfast: homemade raisin bran muffin and lots of black coffee (I blame Barbri)




Starting at 12:00 and moving clockwise: Caribbean rice and bean salad from Fresh Market (whatever that sauce is, it’s ambrosial); garlic lemon hummus I made on Memorial Day for the girls with toasted pita bread (making your own pita chips is stupid easy, I learned); and finally, leftover roasted veggies

[recipes for those last two delectables coming soon!]


And now, for the grand finale… one of the most amazing meals I’ve put in my mouth. And no, unfortunately, I did not make this. I played sous-chef while a friend of mine mastered his way around the kitchen (per usual). The menu: homemade, fresh pasta with a mushroom marsala sauce + caprese salad with superbly fresh tomatoes + summer fruit salad + homemade chocolate chip cookies (with milk, of course). Just look at that spread:

ImageYep, he spoiled me. Making pasta sounds soooo daunting, but it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. And, it was really fun! It requires kitchen appliances that I drool over/don’t have, so I was like a kid in a candy store.


This was my job:


And yes, it is JUST as fun as it looks! And here was the finished product!


The sauce was also incredible – I didn’t help it with it at all, so I take zero credit. But just look at how delicious it looks (this is another one of those times when I really wish I could blog smells):

Image*drum roll* the (entire) finished productImage

Then we finished up the evening with a post-dinner stroll through Railroad Park, got a glimpse of the Barons play through the fence at Regions Park, and then headed back to his apartment to down some cookies and milk.


So, there ya go! A day in the [food] life: complete. Don’t worry – more recipes coming soon! Bar prep is making me go crazy, already (which probably does not bode well for the rest of my summer…), so cooking, eating, and blogging along the way will start to make a grander appearance.

Over and out, y’all.


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