at-home “WOD”

As y’all know, I love CrossFit. But since I don’t have a box (a.k.a a CF gym) in Birmingham – or one that I like as much as CrossFit NorthRidge (I MISS Y’ALL SO MUCH) – I’ve been trying to keep up by doing some WODs at home. Some I get from my CF journal, others I just kind of make up based on the basic movements and WODs I’ve done in the past. 

Just to give y’all an idea of what I do (also to hold myself accountable for working out), I’m going to start posting some of my work outs. That way, if you ever find yourself wondering what you can do at home without having to head to the gym, you’ll have a few standbys ready to go!*

Here goes nothin’:

Run 1 mi (I fluctuated between 7.0 and 7.3)

Complete 3 rounds of:

  • 30 sit ups (butterfly your legs; extend your hands all the way above your head – when your back hits the ground – and touch the ground (your arms should be kind of hugging your ears); when you come back up, make sure you touch your laces.#washrinserepeat)
  • 20 burpees  

This wasn’t a very long or really intense work out, because I had a long day. (Y’all… full blown-practice MBEs are no fun, even if you used a Power Rangers pencil). But, if you do it all at a fast pace (time yourself!), you’ll get a good sweat in. 

My recipe for twice-baked, turkey-stuffed sweet potatoes coming soon! 

Go get your sweat on, y’all. 




* Disclaimer: always talk to your physician before completing any kind of strenuous workout, especially if you have injuries or preexisting conditions that might affect your ability to complete certain movements.  


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