Prosciutto-roasted red pepper-emmental-spinach rolled chicken

Whew. That title is a mouthful. But that’s everything that’s rolled into this chicken, so it has to be there.
I’ve gotten into hot yoga lately. And let me tell you… yikes. It is AWESOME and leave you sore allll over. In all the right places. I’ve also started lifting again (hip problems = less running #womp). Needless to say, my body hurts right now. Which is probably why I’m writing this post from my phone, in bed, snuggled with Gypsy. #thegoodlife
Now, at first blush, this recipe may seem complicated. But I promise you, it’s simply. So grab a bottle (or two) of wine, someone to keep you company in the kitchen, and get ready to impress.

prosciutto-roasted red pepper-emmental-spinach rolled chicken


*1 red pepper (or a jar of roasted red peppers)
*3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut length wise in halves (so you have 6 thinner breasts)
*Emmental cheese (It’s a type of Swiss. Muenster or mozz works great, too! I just love Emmental.)
*Prosciutto (about 4-5 slices, I would guess)
*bread crumbs
*Juice of half a lemon


First, roast your red pepper: turn you oven on broil, and put your red pepper on a baking sheet. Throw her in there, rotating every so often so the whole pepper get nice and black-ish. When it’s done (about 10-12 minutes or so), close it up in a paper grocery bag and set aside.
Next, preheat your oven to 450F. Mix some olive oil and the lemon juice in a bowl and add salt and pepper. Pour some bread crumbs on a plate and set aside. Cut up your cheese of choice into thin, relatively narrow slices and tear your prosciutto slices in halves or thirds.
Once your red pepper has cooled off some, take it out of the bag. I run mine under cold water at this point, because I can never wait until it’s cooled all the way. Pull out the stem and peel the hard skin off. Then rinse out the seeds and cut into slices.
Now you’re all ready to assemble these babies! Take a chicken; place spinach, prosciutto, cheese, and red pepper on chicken; roll up; dunk in EVOO/lemon juice mixture; roll in bread crumbs; place in baking dish. Repeat with the remaining chickens and voilà! They’re ready to bake! Throw in the oven for 25-30 minutes and cook until the inside is no longer pink (I always have to cut into one a little to make sure).
They’re sure to impress! Girl Scout’s honor. I even impressed a boy with them, so they’re good for girls’ night or date night. I served then with roasted broccolini and sweet potato wedges.
Eat up, y’all!



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