spinach/walnut/pistachio/sriracha pesto

What a mouthful, I know. But y’all… It’s delicious. And it wouldn’t be the same without all those awesome flavors. The only down side: it kind of looks like baby poop in photos (womp). So just don’t look at the photo and trust me on how awesome it is. Lauren and I smothered some zoodles and chicken with it, and it made a delicious, green mess. I made this by eyeballing the measurements to reach the correct consistency, so y’all get to be creative with this one.

spinach-walnut-pistachio-sriracha pesto


* 2 cups spinach
* 1/2 pistachios and walnuts (in whatever proportions you want)
* olive oil
* sriracha sauce
* ~ 1 Tbs water


* food processor
* wooden spoon or spatula


Start grinding down your nuts and spinach. Pour in enough olive oil to get to a pesto-like consistency. Add some water if it’s not just right. The add in as much sriracha as you like! I added quite a bit, but I like a good kick (and I put sriracha on just about everything).

Eat up, y’all!



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