Restaurant Review – Sperry’s (Belle Meade)

Date night this week consisted of using up some gift cards at Nick’s and his parents’ favorite spot/steakhouse, Sperry’s. While the building itself is not very remarkable… the inside is warm, cozy and filled with people a generation older than us.


The wine list ( at least BTG) is fairly limited, but I have thoroughly enjoyed each glass I’ve tried. I had two galsses of a pretty great cab; Nick favors the Old Fashioned.

Nick had the filet Oskar, which is an 8 oz. filet mignon topped with king crab and bearnaise sauce, all over some asparagus. It. was. delicious. I had the prime rib, king cut, medium rare (yes, it was big). Nick had a good chunk of it and I had my leftovers for lunch today. It was also fantastic.


We don’t do sides, because they have a phenomenal SALAD BAR. YES. SALAD BAR. Always get the salad bar. Nick loves their blue cheese dressing, while I usually go for the balsamic vinaigrette. However, this time, I tried the very creamy and very green Green Goddess dressing. It was good (it’s what most people talk about), but I’m not a creamy-dressing fan… Next time, I’ll go back to the balsamic.

As far as dessert goes, my sweet-toothed boyfriend ordered the chocolate cheesecake. I ordered my second glass of wine, instead (lush much?). I didn’t even try the cheesecake (I was worried about losing my hand… ;)), but Nick is a huge fan. So, I can guarantee it’s delicious.

It’s definitely a special occasion place, so next time your parents are in town… have them take you. They’ll love the old steakhouse feel and you’ll go home stuffed (and happy).

Eat up, y’all!


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