Restaurant Review – M.L. Rose (West Nashville)

Hey y’all!

This past weekend marked the end of wedding season. While I LOVE weddings and all of the frivolity and friends that come with them, I tend to have too much fun and return home completely exhausted. Nick and I made a ~10 hour trek back to Nashville yesterday from an awesome wedding in Gainesville and then I got to work at 5:45 this morning (YIKES). But enough complaining! There’s food to discuss!

M.L.Rose-New-Location M.L.Rose-Craft-Beer-Burgers

Last week for “date night,” Nick and I went to M.L Rose (West). I used to not eat burgers. I straight up refused to eat ground beef. But y’all… there are some stellar burger places in Nashville – M.L. Rose being one of them. I got the Angry Dragon: fried egg, avo and sriracha sauce, all on top of a beef patty, medium rare; and a side of sweet potato WAFFLE fries. Mind = blown.


You can also get your delicious burger on a sweet potato bun, which is killer. But I got the normal bun this time… and then just stuffed myself on fries instead and didn’t eat the bun. Nick had the bacon cheese burger with regular fries and was equally impressed (but The Pharmacy remains his favorite burger spot). We also decided to just go all out and split some blue cheese fries… regular waffle fries topped with blue cheese sauce and crumbles. #woah.

Wednesdays are two-for-one beers, so we each got a round of County Boy Cougar Bait Blonde. It’s described as follows:

A crisp straw-colored ale with a unique malt and
citrus hop balance. Easy drinking, full flavored and
always leaving you wanting more- Cougar Bait works.
Country Boy Brewing, Lexington, KY.


It’s what I usually get at M.L. Rose, and it never disappoints. I highly recommend it, if you like lighter wheats.

In all, it was a deliciously gluttonous meal that I plan on repeating in the not so distant future.

Eat up, y’all!

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