About Alex

blue dress

Hey y’all! I’m Alex – a wine-loving Alabama girl making my way through my third year as a lawyer. I moved back to Nashville in September 2013 and have loved every second of it! Even though I don’t write as many posts as I did in law school, I still experiment in the kitchen as much as my time will allow. Having a (new!) big girl job, and a puppy-who-is-not-really-a-puppy-anymore, really eats into a girl’s time. My favorite things to cook are pizza, sweet potato nachos and zoodles with PaleOMG turkey meatballs.

I’m a health and fitness junkie, francophile, self-proclaimed oenophile and avid reader/book-club-goer. I was also a pretty avid juggler in high school and college – I know my coolness ranking just went up 10 points, don’t be jealous of my wildness. On any given weeknight, you can probably find me snuggled up with Gypsy and Rosco on the couch in my sweaty (or clean, if I was lazy) workout clothes. I get a good cooking night in about twice a week – once during the week and once on the weekends. On any given morning, you will most likely find me scrambling to get out of the door with the dogs fed and mascara on both eyes. It’s shockingly difficult.



2 thoughts on “About Alex

  1. What an awesome debut post! From an even more awesome girl, of course! Truly I loved it!!!!! Killer name for your blog! It seems I can’t stop with the exclamation points when it’s about my baby.

    • Carolyn Schmitt 4-4-13 Alexandra This is yummy and brilliant and fun and so honest. I am so happy about your new freedom.. You wear it well. You have been released to creativity. Tennessee Williams put it best ” a prayer for the wild at heart who are kept in cages”

      the best

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